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Varieties of British Bronze Farthings 1860-1956

Sixth Edition - 2021

A new and up-to-date reference catalogue on the bronze farthings of Great Britain including 4 new varieties not documented in Michael Freeman's The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain.

This book includes history and descriptions of all known obverse and reverse die varieties and all known die pairings of the farthings of Great Britain. Profusely illustrated with cross-references to Charles Wilson Peck's, Michael Freeman's, Michael Gouby's and David Groom's numbering systems for easy identification and cross-referencing.

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Sample page from Varieties of British Bronze Farthings 1860-1956

The book covers the 121 currently known bronze farthing die pairings (21 obverse designs and 15 reverse designs) of all the bronze farthings issued during the reigns of Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II.