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The coins of the British Commonwealth have an interesting history and exhibit a number of varieties. Although two coins may look the same at first glance, the production processes (and the continued attempts at improving those processes) have yielded countless minor die and design changes over the years, manifesting themselves as coin varieties. These books and catalogues are an attempt to be comprehensive and up-to-date references on what is currently known about these varieties. My current books can be bought online. Some of my coin research is also published at Coin Curiosity.

A Treatise on Varieties of British Fractional Bronze 1860-1970

First Edition 2021

  • British third farthings 1866-1913
  • British farthings 1860-1956
  • British halfpennies 1860-1970
  • Jersey 1/48th shillings 1877
  • Jersey 1/24th shillings 1877-1947

A new and up-to-date reference catalogue on the predecimal bronze third farthings, farthings and halfpennies of Great Britain and the 1/48th shillings and 1/24th shillings of Jersey including 4 new farthing varieties and 27 new halfpenny varieties not documented in Michael Freeman's The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain.

Sample section

A sample section of the book documenting all known varieties of the bronze farthings of Great Britain can be found here (please do not re-host or re-upload).

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This book includes history plus descriptions of all known obverse and reverse die varieties and all known die pairings. Profusely illustrated with cross-references to Charles Wilson Peck's, Michael Freeman's, Michael Gouby's, Malcolm Lewendon's, Iain Dracott's and David Groom's numbering systems for easy identification and cross-referencing.

Sample page from A Treatise on Varieties of British Fractional Bronze 1860-1970

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Fijian Predecimal Silver Coins 1934-1967

First Edition - 2021

  • Fijian sixpences 1934-1967
  • Fijian shillings 1934-1965
  • Fijian florins 1934-1965

A reference catalogue documenting Fiji's predecimal silver sixpences, shillings and florins from 1934 to 1967 and their history.

Download the e-book (132MB). Please do not re-host or re-upload.

Sample page from Fijian Predecimal Silver Coins 1934-1967

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The Catalogue of Bronze Coinage of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 1861-1864 | Le Catalogue de la Monnaie Bronze de Nouveau-Brunswick et Nouvelle-Ecosse 1861-1864

First Edition - 2021 | Premier Edition - 2021

  • New Brunswick half cents 1861
  • New Brunswick cents 1861-1864
  • Nova Scotia half cents 1861
  • Nova Scotia cents 1861-1864
  • Demi-cents de Nouveau-Brunswick 1861
  • Cents de Nouveau-Brunswick 1861-1864
  • Demi-cents de Nouvelle-Écosse 1861
  • Cents de Nouvelle-Écosse 1861-1864

A reference catalogue documenting the bronze half cents and cents of Canada's provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from 1861 to 1864, including both patterns and circulating coins.

Download the e-book (2.5MB). Please do not re-host or re-upload.

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